What is MonkProtect?

MonkProtect allows customers to guarantee the safe delivery of their online orders by paying a small additional fee during checkout. Should your order become lost, damaged, or stolen, MonkProtect’s Automated Claims Portal allows you to quickly and easily resolve any issues.

How much does MonkProtect cost?

MonkProtect’s services start at $0.99 per item.

How do I add MonkProtect to my cart?

MonkProtect is automatically opted in during checkout.

Can I opt out of MonkProtect?

Yes! Simply toggle out of MonkProtect to remove it from your shopping cart.

Is MonkProtect required for checkout?

MonkProtect is not required for checkout.

Can I use MonkProtect if I’m ordering internationally?

At this time, MonkProtect is only available within the United States, with international capabilities coming soon.

Where can I file a claim?

If your MonkProtected package is lost, damaged, or stolen, you may file a claim via the Automated Claims Portal.

If my MonkProtect claim is approved, will I receive a refund or a reshipment?

Once a claim is approved, you’ll be able to choose between a refund or a reshipment.

Who can I contact with questions about MonkProtect?

For questions about MonkProtect, please email hello@monkprotect.com.